How to supplement and maintain Vitamin D levels?

    Hi, guys  Dr Margolin here. Today I'd like to answer an important question about vitamin d. You don't need me to know that vitamin d can help you during the pandemic. Everybody talks about it. However the question that I ask how to supplement it, how do I know that my levels are good, do I need to maintain it, can they draw up, what is considered to be the right level. This is the topic of this article.

    Vitamin d if you ask me this question about 20 years ago when I took my boards it didn't sound like a very difficult question and we talked about vitamin d and rickets and kids um yeah in adults can below take your blood levels and supplement um you can take multivitamins it has daily dose which was at that time 600 to 800 units per day am I talking about d3 international units per day what is the problem with that there are several problems first most people who follow this advice end up with inadequate levels of vitamin d cannot maintain them.

    They deficient in a vitamin d and we know that in certain groups African Americans for example here are 80 percent deficient in vitamin d. Asians according to some sources 40 percent many people who for sure don't supplement vitamin d primarily in the areas with poor exposure to sun so-called cloudy states like here in Ohio they are deficient or insufficient. Read more about vitamin D deficiency here

    So how you go about it what's our experience there was a lot of attention to vitamin d over the last 10 15 years even before the pandemic let me share some clinical experience that we had generally first you do need to supplement vitamin d and i think you need to supplement for most people on a continuous basis it's not only good for your bones it's not related to rickets but it actually enhances your immune system it has many other um positive impacts on your body including mood stabilization pain threshold and others so how you do that well if you can definitely get your levels right and then it sounds simple you get your levels most labs in America the normal levels between 20 plus let's say 20 to 25 and usually up to 60 or up to 100 and that's generally very important to mention that there are two ways to measure vitamin d.

    One is nanogram per ml it's usually what you see in the labs and the other one is nanomole per litre and the difference is very big for example if you get to level 60 nanogram per ml it may be up a little bit of normal here in America but it's 150 nanomoles per litre and that's higher even bottom line toxic so you need to know your units pay attention to your units that's lesson number one lesson number two um honestly I don't know who sets what is normal what is abnormal but the levels that are set in most labs seem to be too low according to recent studies and I'm going I'm cutting to the cheese and primarily during the pandemic.

    If you want to keep your levels around 20 plus 20 to 25 you're technically not deficient but the levels are not sufficient for immune boost or not sufficient enough and there is no reason for an average person not to have higher levels again this is not medical advice talk to your doctor but this is our impression that's supported by studies and how do we know that if we measure vitamin d let's say in some tribes that are exposed to the sun because of their dress code we see that we find those levels in 40 to 60 nanogram per ml which is a higher normal here in America we also see from additional research that 40 to 60 according to some opinions to 70 nanomoles per nanogram per ml is the optimal range for best immune protection.

    how you achieve it again ideally go take your levels then follow medical advice if you're insufficient you need to be a more aggressive conservative way if you're significantly insufficient taking 50 000 units every 10 days maybe even every week or every two weeks again under no circumstances take 50 000 units more often without talking to your doctor because if you take there was a case that person took 50 000 units a day and that was a case of overdose which is very rare but if you take it with certain intervals usually for four to eight weeks you bump your levels to a reasonable level which is considered to be normal now a couple of tips first it's a fat-soluble vitamin you want to take it on a full stomach or with a healthy fat like omega-3 and there is a combination between omega-3 and vitamin d.

    Secondly, there is a possible interaction between vitamin d and melatonin also according to some sources as protective effect uh for covet 19. um it's asleep it's part of the sleep cycle but apparently, it may buy to the certain receptor which is important for the virus so you don't want to take them together so best thing take vitamin d with the breakfast in the morning and melatonin at night and I'm going to talk about some supplement options that's number one number two from my experience if you don't have maintenance let's say okay it was low you supplemented for eight weeks now it's normal what's considered to be let's say 28 or 25 many times your primary doctor will tell you hey it's good or hey it's good and takes a daily dose with multivitamin 600 units of d3 a day from my experience most probably in two-three months you would be insufficient to deficient again and even this level is not enough so most people would need sub to keep supplementing vitamin d3.

    There is there are different opinions most experts think that you should take 2 000 units a day some experts believe that you should take it up to 4 000 units a day it's not medical advice talk to your doctor but below that most of the time primarily during the pandemic, you won't reach optimal level um also if you take vitamin d3 with magnesium the absorption is enhanced um in the last part of this article I'm going to talk about different supplements and is there a risk of toxicity with vitamin d please bear with me the last thing I want to mention I like this review called uh immunologic effects of vitamin d I'll try to post a link to this article under this article and without further ado let me talk about supplements.

    There are different forms of vitamin d supplements most common tablets or capsules and they come in different any different form of size again be careful with high doses be careful with low doses okay we say regular multivitamin will not get you where you need to be that's my experience you need at least 2 000 units um or if your doctor approves it maybe you can take um let's say 10 000 units once a week or once and 10 days and so once in five days it's just simple math um because it's a fat-soluble vitamin I like the combination I generally I don't have a commercial interest I like for example Zachary products and this is vitamin d combined with omega-3 yeah.

    best vitamin D supplements UK

    You kill two birds with one stone and you help vitamin d absorption what I don't like about this product it's um you need to take three capsules veil capsules are pretty big but if you take three capsules you get 2 000 units of vitamin d and you get a healthy fat all right I like this now there is also debate in the literature on whether or not vitamin d should be combined with vitamin k2 uh which supposed to move the calcium into the bones and no don't and not let calcium precipitate in your blood vessels uh while the debate is going on I don't see a big downside in doing that so this is a combination of vitamin d3 and k2 it's very inexpensive here no commercial interests if there are other options it's not combined with fat but again you kill two birds with one stone um taking two vitamins together downside.

    This is pretty high this is 5000 units so do your own math um you can take it every other day every two days or maybe every day if you're deficient I also got a question should I take high doses of vitamin d if I'm diagnosed with the virus or I think I got the virus clinically again I did not see we I don't see um significant studies as outpatients our experienced people did feel better the logic says and the studies that are around that if you're low in vitamin d you've got the virus there is no downside to increase vitamin d and again you can give it as you can take it as a boost let's say 10 000 units or if you know your low maybe you can take one time 50 000 units.

    You can take it daily um you need to ask your doctor but yes I think there is a benefit I don't think there is a problem taking it together with zinc and quercetin or vitamin c uh as we discussed in the past I also want to mention that for kids um there was a study that taking even up to 1 000 units a day has a protective effect but you need to talk to paediatrician there is liquid vitamin d for kids there is chewable vitamin d for kids and there is sublingual vitamin d3 for kids so there are a lot of options and I'm sure you can find the option that will fit your needs overall it is a good idea to supplement vitamin d I maybe saw a couple of high levels of vitamin d very few they were not a clinically significant important point about toxicity the most concerns the worst-case scenario is you're going to get high calcium because vitamin d enhances calcium absorption from your gut.

    If you check your vitamin d level check your calcium and if you see you have high vitamin d i mean let's say 100 or something hundred plus and high calcium it is a concern it's very rare though very i don't remember significant cases i think there is one case in the literature again that somebody intentionally took 50 000 units of vitamin d every day and calcium every day for some time you know two-three months and he developed 320 plus level in nanograms of of vitamin d which is uh like eight to ten times higher than recommended and um he basically developed some complications but you really need to do something outrageous to get there so I think you we should be careful but I think it is a good idea to supplement vitamin d I appreciate your question and I appreciate everybody who supports our channel I hope everybody is safe and healthy and we will continue thank you.


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